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A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Vancouver Zero Emission Building

Currently at under construction, Marken D+C has designed a west coast modern single family with basement Net Zero Ready Home for a RS1 zoned property in East Vancouver.

With the new changes to RS1 zoned lots in Vancouver, property owners now have the opportunity to take advantage of the recently introduced incentives for Zero Emission buildings, which include increased building height and FSR options.

For this project, our design team was able to maximize the building height achieving increased ceiling room and get a floor area exemption for the thicker and better insulated Passive designed envelope.

In additional, a 3.6Kw photovoltaic system will be installed to produce enough electricity to reduce the BC Hydro bill significantly aiming to achieve the Net Zero Energy standard.

It will also become a Zero Emissions Building meeting the recently ratified Zero Emissions Plan requirements supporting Vancouver's Greenest City 2020 Goal.

To learn more about the new RS1 zoning incentives for Passive House and Net Zero Buildings, please visit our blog Passivegreen.

Vancouver Net Zero & Laneway
Vancouver Net Zero & Laneway

The design program features:

  • West Coast Modern Design theme
  • Eco-friendly materials and products
  • Planned along Passive House principles
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • Triple Pane Windows
  • Ultra Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation system
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Production
  • Green Roof with large Roof Deck
  • ..and much more

Vancouver includes International Passive House Standard in their bylaws

Update on your Blog: Passive House Incentives in Vancouver – New COV Green Buildings Rezoning Policies include Passive House

1st Passive House PLUS Vancouver


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