Multifamily Passive House Building

Certified Multifamily Passive House

High Performance Design

A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Another 1st for Marken Design + Consulting - 1st Certified Passive House MURB Duplex in Vancouver, BC.

The Passive House standard is the most stringent building energy standard in the world. Design, location, contractors, climate and construction method are the most crucial components impacting the end result and whether this standard can be achieved or not.

Therefore, it is essential to set goals from the very beginning and have a common understanding of the challenges and the process.

Some important features include triple pane windows, high performance heat recovery ventilation system, advanced framing elements, ultra airtightness concept and thermal bridge free design.

In addition, this is a Net Zero Energy Ready building prepared to install an array of photovoltaic planels on the southfacing garage roof to produce electricity all year round cutting the utility costs to almost zero.

Vancouver’s new building bylaws now require increased energy efficiency; this project aims to demonstrate how to exceed these goals and add value for the same construction costs as a standard custom home to maximize our client's ROI.

Multifamily Passive House
Multifamily Passive House – Prefabrication Ready

The program included:

  • Certified Passive House Design and Construction
  • Traditional West Coast Design Theme
  • Open Layout with lot's of Natural Light
  • Optimized Solar Gains for max. Comfort
  • Renewable Energy Production via PV System
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials and Products
  • Ultra Low Maintenance
  • Basement Suite Handicap accessible
  • Electric Car Charging Station
Certified Multifamily Passive House


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