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Passive House Consulting

Energy Efficient, Comfortable and Healthy

A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Marken Design + Consulting was retained to provide Passive House & Green Building Consulting services to a client planning to construct a new heritage style home in Vancouver.

The planned residence was a good example of current building practices in Vancouver, in that the assembly was designed to achieve current building code minimum standard construction. We have evaluated the performance of the proposed design and explored the shortcomings of the proposed building practices.

The purpose of our detailed report was to analyse the existing proposed design and assess it in respect to these criteria. Following this we outlined strategies along Passive House principles that would influence the design and construction of the residence with the goal to make it more energy efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy to live in.

Passive House Consulting
Passive House Consulting

Main principles

  • Strategic site planning and massing
  • Optimal insulation
  • Building airtightness
  • Efficient Heat recovery ventilation
  • Advanced window systems
  • Thermal bridge free design
  • ..and much more

The implementation of our value adding recommendations would potentially result in a 70% reduction in heating demand and a 50% reduction in overall building energy demand, achieving a low energy building standard.


If you are a builder or developer interested in learning more about Multifamily or Office Passive House Buildings, please contact us today.

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