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Wood Highrise BC

Multi-Residential Passive House Building

A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

Marken Design + Consulting is part of a project team proposing to develop an innovative 10 storey Wood Hybrid Highrise aiming to meet the stringent Passive House Building Standard.

Over the past few years, new wood products were introduced in Europe which are able to replace concrete as the main structural material for large buildings such as highrises or office buildings, at the same time improving the energy performance and reducing the carbon footprint significantly.

The CREE by Rhomberg wood hybrid system, which stands for “Creative Resource and Energy Efficiency”, is available for multi residential, commercial and institutional developments between 3 and 30 storeys. Now that it uses wood is great but even more exciting is that it is geared towards achieving the stringent Passive House Building Energy standard – and that makes this product even more unique. Production is already set up and ready to go in Canada.

Credit: CREE by Rhomberg Wood Highrise
Credit: CREE by Rhomberg Wood Highrise

Main Features

  • Wood Hybrid System
  • Quick, Modular Prefab Construction
  • Passive House Building Standard
  • Net Zero Ready Design
  • 30% lighter than Steel Concrete
  • Reduces Carbon Foot Print Significantly
  • ..and much more
Wood Highrise BC



How quick is construction when using this modular system? Have a look here.
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