Low Energy Infill Vancouver

Low Energy Infill Casa Pasiva

Energy Efficient Infill House

A green story by Marken Design + Consulting.

As part of Vancouver’s Eco density initiative, Infill Laneway Housing aims to increase density without disrupting the neighborhood’s building pattern.

In 2012 Marken Design + Consulting was approached by a client with a desire to add an additional suite to their property by means of an infill dwelling, designed to the lowest energy standard possible.

Working within one of Vancouver’s RT zones give the opportunity for property owners to add density by means of constructing an infill dwelling either in the rear yard, sideyard or front yard depending on the location of the existing house. The opportunity presented with this project was to design an infill house in the rear portion of the site, however after the initial investigative phase of the project it became apparent that there were going to be a number of restrictions to the eventual size the infill may become.

The existing heritage house on site, relocated to this property from Kitsilano over half a century ago, is placed slightly further back in the lot than is typical as set out in the regulations for this zoning. Add to this a two feet dedication to the city of Vancouver for upgrading of the rear lane, a four feet dedication to the side lane and a 10×10 corner cutback, throw in a parking requirement of 3 spaces to be accommodated on site and pretty soon we were looking at a tight footprint to work with.

Low Energy Infill Casa Pasiva
Low Energy Infill Casa Pasiva

Main features include

  • Aiming at Energuide 89 rating without renewable energy sources
  • Energy Efficient Heritage Renovation of Main House (See details under Project Heritage Reno)
  • PHPP Energy Modelling: 27kwh/m2/yr heating&cooling
  • Passive House certified triple pane windows
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation system with 93% efficiency
  • Heat Pump Hot Water and Drain Water heat recovery
  • Passive House Design using PHPP programming to maximize energy & cost efficiency
  • Use of recycled materials where possible and no VOCs
  • Rainwater collection, native landscaping, permeable paving
Low Energy Infill Casa Pasiva


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